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From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:

376 Moby Thesaurus words for "list":
   Mystik tape, Scotch tape, account, adhesive tape, adjoin,
   alphabetize, analyze, angularity, annals, arena, arrange, ascend,
   assort, backset, band, bandage, bank, bar, batten, beading,
   beadroll, befringe, belt, bibliography, bind, binding, board, book,
   border, bordering, bordure, bound, break down, brim, brink, brow,
   calendar, call up, cant, capsize, careen, carve, catalog,
   catalogue, catalogue raisonne, categorize, cellophane tape, census,
   chalk, chalk up, check in, checklist, chronicle, cincture, class,
   classify, climb, close, cloth tape, coast, codify, come a cropper,
   commandeer, composition, confine, conscript, constituents,
   container, content, contents, coop, correspondence, court,
   courtyard, crack, craze, cultivate, culture, curtilage, cut,
   decline, delimited field, delve, descend, detach,
   detach for service, dig, digest, dip, directory, divide, divisions,
   docket, documentation, draft, dress, drop, edge, edging, elements,
   enclave, enclosure, enframe, engrave, enlist, enroll, enscroll,
   enter, enumerate, fall, fall away, fall down, fall flat,
   fall headlong, fall off, fall over, fall prostrate, fallow, fascia,
   featheredge, fertilize, field, file, fill out, fillet, fimbria,
   fimbriation, flange, flounce, flounder, fold, force, frame,
   friction tape, frill, frilling, fringe, furbelow, galloon,
   get a cropper, girdle, go downhill, go uphill, grade, grave,
   ground, group, guts, handlist, harrow, heel, hem, history, hoe,
   impanel, impress, incise, inclination, incline, index, induct,
   ingredients, innards, inscribe, insert, insides, inventory,
   itemize, items, join, jot down, keel, keep score, labellum, labium,
   labrum, lap, lath, lay down, lean, lean over, leaning,
   leaning tower, ledge, letters, levy, lie along, ligula, ligule,
   limb, limbus, line, lip, listing, log, lurch, make a memorandum,
   make a note, make an entry, make out, march, marge, margin,
   marginate, mark down, masking tape, matriculate, memorial, minute,
   mobilize, motif, mulch, muster, muster in, note, note down,
   numerate, order, pale, paling, park, part, particularize, parts,
   pen, pigeonhole, pipe roll, pitch, place, place upon record, plank,
   plastic tape, plow, poll, post, post up, press, program, prune,
   purfle, purl, put down, put in writing, put on paper, put on tape,
   quad, quadrangle, ragged edge, raise, rake, range, rank, rate,
   recline, record, recording, recruit, reduce to writing, register,
   registry, relic, remains, retreat, ribband, ribbon, rim, rise,
   roll, roll call, rolls, roster, rota, ruffle, schedule, score,
   scroll, selvage, set down, set off, shelve, shore, shred, side,
   sideline, sidle, sign on, sign up, skirt, skirting, slant, slat,
   slate, slip, slope, sort, spade, specialize, specify, spill,
   spline, sprawl, spread-eagle, square, stagger, strake, strap,
   streak, streaking, stria, striation, striature, striga, striola,
   strip, stripe, striping, strop, stumble, subdivide, summon, swag,
   sway, table, tabulate, tabulation, taenia, take a fall,
   take a flop, take a header, take a pratfall, take a spill,
   take down, tally, tape, tape measure, tape-record, tapeline,
   theater, thin, thin out, tick off, ticker tape, till,
   till the soil, tilt, tip, toft, token, topple, topple down,
   topple over, totter, tower of Pisa, trace, trim, trimming, trip,
   tumble, turn turtle, type, uprise, valance, verge, vestige,
   videotape, weed, weed out, welt, whole, work, write, write down,
   write in, write out, write up, yard

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