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Dictionary information for Elements database 20001107:

This file was converted from the original database on:
          Mon Jan 29 05:15:08 2001

The original data is available from:

The original data was distributed with the notice shown below.  No
additional restrictions are claimed.  Please redistribute this
changed version under the same conditions and restriction that
apply to the original version.

   Elements database 20001107
   This dictionary database was created by Jay F. Kominek
   <> (Feel free to send any comments, additions,
   corrections, money to that address) It was compiled from a variety of
   sources, and is in my opinion, a work of my own. (The only stuff that
   was really copied verbatim was the atomic numbers and weights, please,
   I'd like to see someone try and exert a copyright on the values of atoms.)
   So, I place this in the public domain, if it somehow breaks, you get to
   keep both pieces. It'd be nice if you kept the fact that I compiled the
   information in here, but is not needed.
   Up to date copies can probably be found on the web at:

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